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  • International Course ECODIM (25-07-2011): The international course "ECODIM: Ecology and Diversity of Marine Microorganisms" ( will take place on the 9-27 January 2012.

  • Recent publication (03-12-2010): The article "A criptic sulfur cycle in oxigen-minimum-zone waters off the chilean coast" by Canfield et al. has been published in Science (Abstract).

  • Deep Sea Research II on the Oxygen Minimum Zone (26-06-2009): A special issue on the Oxygen Minimum Zone of the eastern South Pacific has been published in Deep Sea Research II (link).


The Microbial Oceanography Laboratory is a group  led by Dr. Osvaldo Ulloa, which main research area  is to study the bacterial and archaeal community living at the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ, The group was part of the former Laboratory for Oceanographic Processes and Climate (PROFC,, devoted to the scientific study of the ocean and its relation with climate. This Laboratory was formed in 1997- originally as the Program for Regional Studies in Physical Oceanography and Climate- under the direction of the Re search Council of the University of Concepcion and with the support of the Swedish International Develo pment Agency-SIDA and the Fundacion Andes.welcome